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Endless Options

We carry 8 custom cabinetry brands. Why so many? We want to make sure we have an option for every style, customization and budget range you need. 


If we don't have it, it probably doesn't exist.

We consistently assess our lines for value, customer service and of course design trends.


Here are some of the lines we are currently carrying.

ash brown cabinet door
light gray cabinet door
gray simple cabinet door


A great option for multi-unit projects, condominiums, pool houses, or rentals. Their cabinetry selection is simple and elegant, bringing good value at an affordable price. 


Primary Kitchens

Looking for that contemporary high-gloss or matte finish on a flat panel design? They have great options for that at a reasonable price, and no one beats them on speed, from order to delivery in less than 10 weeks. 



Columbia is all about value, pairing a wide variety of styles, finishes and customization options at a great price. 


Signature Custom

If quality is important to you, Signature is a great option. They can custom fit almost anything, and have one of the largest selections of door styles...not to mention a paint finish that will last for decades, they are truly a wonderful option. 


Dutch Made

Truly the Rolls Royce of the cabinetry world, you won't find better quality than them. With any customization you can dream of available, and the highest quality paint finish, they are a perfect options for those who want the absolute best of the best. 


Crystal Cabinets

Known as an affordable high-end custom line, they pair  quality with more accessories then you can dream up. 



Artfully designed, they boast budget friendly designs with the most customization bang for your buck. In fact, there are few colors they can't match or customizations they can't handle. 



Our most budget friendly option, offering the most sought offer designs at a reasonable price. A perfect option for additional dwelling units and rentals.


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If quality is important to you, Signature is a great option. They can c


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Cabinetry Sales


Meet  PSI

After all the meticulous work of getting the cabinetry designed and ordered, you want to make sure it is carefully installed. That's why we began our sister company, PSI, 15 years ago.


Installation is all PSI does, and they do it well, so if you are in need of cabinetry installation services, we have you covered.

Sergio and Anny of Premier Kitchens Team


Bringing your vision to life

Need help coming up with a kitchen that reflects your style and has all the function you've been missing? Our design experts are on-hand to help develop that vision, and our engineers are here to draw out your floorplans. 

Have another room you need help with? We can take care of any room in your home including, well, your whole house. In fact our designers and engineers work out of our Lafayette office, come say hello!

Premier Kitchens Design team looking over floorplans
Cabinetry Installation
Kitchen Design
Christian Construction_Premier Kitchens__012.jpg

Let's Work Together

We're just a phone call away

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