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An Ear for Music and Eye for Design

Meet Patrick Naughton

Between strumming his guitar and concepting kitchen designs, Patrick is an artist through and through. He just recently joined the Premier Kitchens team and has fit right into our little family.

How did we get so lucky? Well, he just recently moved to the Bay Area from Colorado and has been working towards a career in residential design for years now.

“My mother-in-law is an interior designer and I gravitated towards this career once I saw firsthand how creatively vast, yet specific designing can be. I am able to use my creativity to help customers with their design needs. Kitchen and bath design is not an easy field to learn quickly and become successful at. It is the most challenging job I’ve had… and hopefully the most rewarding.” - Patrick

After graduating from college, Patrick worked in hospitality and restaurant management which taught him his incredible customer service and communication skills. Seriously- he is punctual, thorough and always gracious with everyone he speaks to. Patrick then moved into construction and sales, gaining experience from companies like Tuff Shed and D’Amore Interiors. Now at Premier Kitchens he is learning all the intricacies of cabinetry and kitchen design, and we are happy to say he is quite the fast learner. We attribute this to his natural design sense, like music, a talent we think he was just born with.

As a team member he has shown that he is not afraid of hard work, he fully immerses himself in his job and is very easy going. After 3 months on the job, Patrick is enjoying the family-oriented environment of the Premier Kitchens team in and out of work, and we hope he will continue to grow with us.

Outside of work, you can catch Patrick playing one of the four instruments he has mastered (piano, violin, bass and acoustic). Taking his beloved dog Charly out for a walk,or taking in a film, he is very passionate about the film industry.

If you are in the neighborhood, come visit our showroom and say hello to Patrick.

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